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A body of mass m rises to height h = R/5 from the earth's surface, where R is earth's radius. If g is acceleration due to gravity at earth's surface, the increase in potential energy is [CPMT 1989; SCRA 1996; DPMT 2001] 10. A projectile is fired from the surface of the Earth with a speed of 200 meters per second at an angle of 30° above the horizontal. If the ground is level, what is the maximum height reached by the projectile? (A) 5 m (B) 10 m (C) 500 m (D) 1,000 m (E) 2,000 m o Show your work: x The initial vertical velocity, v y, is given by: v yo o= v Projectile motion is a form of motion experienced by an object or particle (a projectile) that is thrown near the Earth’s surface and moves along a curved path under the action of gravity only (in particular, the effects of air resistance are assumed to be negligible).