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Compact, Wide-Angle Catadioptric Telescope Design for MWIR Imaging: Optical Performance Analysis Using Zemax®: 10.4018/IJECME.2019010103: In this work, the optical design of a compact diffraction-limited F/3.0 MWIR (3-5 µm) catadioptric telescope which consists of an aspheric primary mirror, a Trial version of ZEMAX. Trial software is usually a program that you can download and use for a certain period of time. The trial software may include full or limited features. If there is a trial version of ZEMAX, it should be available on their official website. Official site of ZEMAX support, if it doesn't come free with the software, to be a price of doing business, whatever code one uses. Every code has bugs, especially in new features. What few bugs I've found in Zemax they've helped me to work around, same as when I used Code V, ASAP, TracePro, Hughes' HEXAGON, MACOS, and Accos V. Buy OpticStudio Standard, Buy OpticStudio Professional, Buy Premium Editions single user licenses. Buy OpticStudio Professional, Buy Premium Editions Network Licenses. Buy Zemax Productivity Assurance (ZPA) one year Maintenance and Support Plan. ZPA gives you key protection and a discount on a training course of your choice.